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Patti Smith described the man's sound as "like a thousand bluebirds screaming" and claimed the man himself "has the most beautiful neck in rock and roll. Real swan-like -- fragile yet strong. He's a creature of opposites. The way he comes on like a dirt farmer and a prince.’’

Robert Christgau called the man's work "Supremely self-conscious, utterly unschooled," but said he "writes like nobody else, sings like nobody else, plays like nobody else. His lyrics sound like his voice sounds like his guitar, laconic and extravagant at the same time."

Dave Marsh wrote that the man was "an interesting Jerry Garcia influenced guitarist who lacked melodic ideas or any emotional sensibility."

U2's the Edge cited him as "the only guitarist I heard who was saying something musically" and as a major influence -- "not stylistically, but in terms of approach and tearing up the rule-book."

Tony Parsons and Julie Burchill (whom Pete Townshend took to task in "Jools and Jim") dismissed him as a "fish-fingered axe-hero."

Of course, they're all talking about Tom Verlaine, frontman for the classic punk band Television and ongoing solo artist in his own right. Today in The New York Times, journalist Ben Sisario provides a nifty profile of what the 56-year-old singer-songwriter has been up to lately. In "The Return of Tom Verlaine: A Reluctant Guitar God Makes Up for Lost Time," the man who wrote "I fell right into the arms of Venus de Milo" is quoted as saying, "It's nice when people say nice things about you," he said, "but I don't always know what they're talking about."

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What do people think about the self-titled LP?

I've had all three for a while now, and I find the one I put on the most is Television. I like how it has a really overt sense of humour, and I think the playing and songcraft are excellent. Also, I like Verlaine's talking-singing voice a bit more than his histrionic singing, I'm guessing that's an evolution for him as I haven't checked out his solo LPs yet.

I got The Blow-Up a few months ago at a local record shop. The dude at the counter pointed out how expensive it was (like I didn't know that), told me it was basically Marquee Moon but out of tune, and gave me a discount without my asking for it. Weird. I like it anyway.

Anyway, as others have said, it's great there's a Television community here.
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allô mes amis

hihi!!!!how are you all? my name is rosario, i am from buenos aires, age 16. don't worry i can handle english. I found this community just by chance and as soon as come in and much to my surprise i see that the last post is by someone with my same picture!!!!!


Television anecdote: over here marquee moon cost a few million dollars which unfortunately i couldnt afford, so my aunt bought it for me in her las trip to new york. My God, it's inbelievable. I love marquee moon (it's now that i notice that my username makes that very obvious) and all the songs in it and it's fantastic. i love velvet underground too. they're awesome. you people are great.

My marquee moon is some sort of special edition with a booklet with the history it's all very pretty and i love it.

me? i get out again.

Ain't that nothing...

I was at a show here in Flagstaff Arizona about a month ago. Was a punk/metal show, and I was wearing my Television shirt. Just a picture of the marquee moon cover on a white shirt. I had to laugh as I walked by several people who all commented on my shirt; as if to say, "I listen to Television too!" It's like your in a secret club if you even know who Television is. It's sad, people having to recognize that they too listen to Television, because they're such a great band, everyone should be listening too them. But for some reason, I'm glad nobody listens too them.

I'm originally from the Bay Area, California. Going to school at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Keep it real.
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Its always great to find a group dedicated to Television anywhere...

Not many posts here I see, but the hard-core fans are probably busying themselves at the Marquee Moon Mailing list or conversating and trading at that Yahoo Group. So I guess the point of this community is just to say that Television is a great band, which I believe firmly. They're great live, and I hope to catch them again on their next U.S. "tour"