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allô mes amis

hihi!!!!how are you all? my name is rosario, i am from buenos aires, age 16. don't worry i can handle english. I found this community just by chance and as soon as come in and much to my surprise i see that the last post is by someone with my same picture!!!!!


Television anecdote: over here marquee moon cost a few million dollars which unfortunately i couldnt afford, so my aunt bought it for me in her las trip to new york. My God, it's inbelievable. I love marquee moon (it's now that i notice that my username makes that very obvious) and all the songs in it and it's fantastic. i love velvet underground too. they're awesome. you people are great.

My marquee moon is some sort of special edition with a booklet with the history it's all very pretty and i love it.

me? i get out again.
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