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Ain't that nothing...

I was at a show here in Flagstaff Arizona about a month ago. Was a punk/metal show, and I was wearing my Television shirt. Just a picture of the marquee moon cover on a white shirt. I had to laugh as I walked by several people who all commented on my shirt; as if to say, "I listen to Television too!" It's like your in a secret club if you even know who Television is. It's sad, people having to recognize that they too listen to Television, because they're such a great band, everyone should be listening too them. But for some reason, I'm glad nobody listens too them.

I'm originally from the Bay Area, California. Going to school at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Keep it real.
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I understand what you're saying. Those people you encountered probably felt proud that they all knew the context of your shirt... human nature I suppose. People ask me what music I listen to and they just have a blank look on their face. And well- that's not that bad of a feeling... like you've tapped into something exclusive and wonderful.